19 June 2005

Regular weekend

Well, weekend means sitting infront of computer enjoy my time, from the time I wake up 'til the time I sleep.

Saturday evening, I went to Petaling Jaya to recieve my prize for my PMR result, presented by Chung Ling Alumni(?). My father was the member of them, so there goes my pay check, RM 120. :)

After recieving the money, we headed to my primary school Mun Yee to had a small party, for celebrating some sort of success during the money-raising campaign recently.
Had 2 times dinner at one night. Didnt dare to eat more 'coz I'd terrible prob when I ate TOO much.

After "leeching" Mun Yee for about 30 mins, we drive to Carrefour, to stock up supplies when my parents are away to Eu. Luckily my sis is coming back nxt week, so I wont be alone for too long. :)

At night plays O2 Jam with friend 'til late night, means sleep late.

Sunday morning woke up from middle of nowhere(on my bed, but I was dreaming that time). Boot up com straight away, do something else and then "play" 'til 5pm like that prepare myself. Was going to hospital visit my paternal aunt.

The ward is decent, nothing luxirious, everything is simple but tidy. That's typical government hospital ward, according to my mother. Later went to a stall nearby my school to had dinner.
Waited for almost 1 hour only then they serve our dishes. I think it's worth to the time to wait, the dishes taste good!

Went to Carrefour later for minor business then came back to blog....

Hmmm.... while my parents are away in Eu, I think there's no prob for me to live alone. Sis' coming back, so nothing to be worry. Sis is bringing goodies for me, YAY!!

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