20 June 2005

Bee's Invasion

Early in the morning when I wake up and prepare myself, bees behind my house fly into the kitchen. Darn annoying.... hate bees' buzzling sound flying around. I'm totally irritated. Dunno why "they" choose to build a hive behind the yard. Though the bees look smaller than the bees that stung me back in 1999. I try to ignore the annoying insects.... "thanks" to those bees, I dont felt sleepy after that. hinking of those 6-foot insects freaks me out. :S

Morning went to PP room to edit my article. Was caught by Mun Hoe for playing MP3. He warn me not to do that again.... arghh.... oh well. :
Today Mr Chu wasnt around in school, so the morning speech was presented by Mdm Quah, the asst. admin in our school. Ranting by herself on the stage. Scolded us as failure or something like that.... lazy to care bout it.
She called up those who dont pay attention to her talking, and Huey Jiun & Fei Wen unfortunatlly become her victim..... momments ago I was talking to them, scare I also being call up. :S

Finally we can go for our com class earlier than previous lessons. B'coz mostly our assembly will took 40+ mins, today 20 mins finish alrdy.
I'm like "racing" with my friends typing those HTML codes lol. Kinda fun, but I dont think there's anyone can compete with me with my "skill" other than Toh Wai, or maybe 1 or 2 other person. :P

Bio lesson spent 2 periods filling in our PEKA form. Now we've only passed 1 PEKA, there must be more PEKAs coming up very soon. Ms Nee hint us about our Physic PEKA today.

Time passed, 'til my tuition. Sundram's(the Bio teacher) teaching today is BORING..... tried to concentrate yet I felt asleep. I started to notice that I lost interest in Bio subject after he's teaching..... but still I'll try to make things clear on my own.

Tomorrow havnig PJK lesson, yay!! Football frenzy is going to strike in my mind again!! :D

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