21 June 2005

Interrupted Sleep

Ystrdy night was interrupted few times during my sleep. First is my mom came into my room around 12.30am, then I wake up by myself 3am.... and 5.30am... Everytime I wake up, I'll check on the clock.
Because of that, today I felt sleepy.... Zzz....

Today's morning assembly was like normal Monday's assembly, singing school anthem bla bla bla.... today Mr Chu giving us a speech by PM D'S' Badawi. Talk about moral values.... etc.... CRAP is what I describe about the speech!!

Santhi finalize our Eng result today. I get another A1 yay.... well of course I'll get A for my Eng, have been blogging for quite some time alrdy. :P

PJK period spent first few momments searching for the store room key holder. Luckily this time I dont need much time to find that person-in-charge. Equipments borrowed easily. :)
Again, I practise football all by myself. A dude join in awhile then left, so basiclly I'm playing alone.

Chandran's lesson I felt sleepy, but didnt dare to fall asleep. Scare I'll drop my own face. :(

End of lessons, waited Sun Hua & Huey Juin as we planned. We need our teacher-in-charge Ms Hiew to veriry the tabloid's content. Duh...... we find her for almost every school, still cannot find her. I and Sun Hua joked even if she's in toilet doing "business", she dont need so much time doing it.

In the end we couldnt find Ms Hiew, so we decided to pass up the proposal to her by tomorrow. Well for now..... I better take a nap. (-______-)ZZZzzzzzzz.....

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