22 June 2005

The Da Vinci Code Illustrated Edition

Just when I back home, I notice a large book on top of my father's desk. I shouted "WTF?!?!?" when I first saw this book....

The DA VINCI CODE Illustrated edition

I've been wondering when I can read this book, finally it appears infront of me with the finest edtion. XD

Random page...
Random page....

Later I called my father who're currently in China(luckily my father activated global roaming.). He say that book was actually his collegue's. True, I checked the signature at the front page of the book and it was signed by someone else.


Gonna read it when I've the mood!! :D

P/S: Dr Liew had blogged about The Da Vinci Code earlier, but the cover of his book were different than the one I'd with me right now.
This is the one Dr Liew got.

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  1. hello, came here frm mr kiasi blog..
    wow, illustrated version of da vinci code!! so beautiful.. and so expensive too..the story is realy interesting ler..now i m reading deception point by dan brown...but not realy captured my attention yet..