22 June 2005

I'm alone.... alone....

Early in the morning was called up by my mother. Somehow 20 mins before my usual time wake up. Well parents are rushing doing their final preparation for their Eu trip. Father manage to ask me afew last questions about the digi cam. He's unfamiliar with new gadgets 'coz he used to get along with analog/manual gadgets. Good thing to see he's trying to accept new stuff. :)

Around 6.30am walked to Yee Kai's house to tumpang his car to school. Gonna tumpang his car for 2 weeks, before my parents are back!! (^__^")

Morning head to PP room straight away to discuss about the content/info we'll be using in our tabloid "Qiao" 桥. From 7.10am to 8am. We skipped the daily assembly, which turn up to be prefect's spot-check. Lucky? Not really. I didnt bring anything illegal(yea I've bring CDs, but need those for works!), so I'm not afraid with the "raid".

Chairpersons/presidents of club/society in the school is bzy with tomorrow's Perlantikan. Mun Hoe as the chairperson of the Lemgaba Pengerusi, sure is the busiest guy. For now better dont bother him, else he'll be furious....

Anyway today I came across society pics, taken last time. It's now in order list, students can pick for the pic they like. I'm bringing back the Geo Club's photo record list, so I've manage to scan 2 pics attached with the file.

Club Geo 2005_i

Club Geo 2005_ii

First pic Ms Lee's in her bad-temper-mood, while the 2nd pic at least she'd a smile on her face. I still remember she was in bad mood that day when we took the photo....

Sigh.... now I'm HOME ALONE. Gonna do things all by myself, before my elder sis came back from BeiJing. She's schedueled be back by tomorrow mid-night.


  1. wah.. Ang Yan Kher is Club Geo de naib pengerusi ar? so suprise..

  2. Yea.... if it wasnt the PP election, I'm "sitting" on that post alrdy. :(