18 June 2005

A fine day

Sorry.... ystrdy wasnt in the mood to blog, so I'll blog about ystrdy's life today.

Had 2 periods of Moral early in the morning. I enjoy it... had laughter to pump in more O2 into my body, so I felt energetic for the whole day. :D

Later I get my Chem paper finalized. Scored B..... hmm.... I'll work harder in the next term!!!

Recess time I stayed in PP room awhile, chat with friends untill I almost forgotten the time to head back class. Today Santhi's back, I heard she's having gastric few days ago, so she's absent.
I'm satisfied, EST and Eng paper scored A. :D

Nee's Phyz period I skipped it, by lurking in PP room, finishing my article. I only went back to class 5 mins before the bell rang.

Had good time playing ping pong & football. Later then follow KY's car head back home.

After I settle down myself, I started to sneak in ways to dwnld kRO, to join KY them in a private server.
For security reasons, we can only dwnld the game using Korea proxy. First I tried the proxy they give me, but that proxy doesnt work well, keeps on dc and slow transfer rate. Later I tried search for another proxy, finally get a better one.... transfer rate is about 50kb/sec, and no dc.
They say they took 10 hours to finish dwnld, but I finish it by just 4 hours like that.... hahaha..
But too bad.... I still cannot play in that private server. Had to fix the private server stuff first....


  1. Must brush up your chem liao. Chem isn't easy. But I *kembang* get A1. hehehe...

  2. You havent do ur SPM paper lar....

  3. mrkiasi, good job wo..keep on A1 la.hope u can keep it on till SPM ar..

    but clf aso no worry coz u stil got time to improve..

    but seems like got a little difficulties la..Dloading kRO ma..so how to study chem?!

  4. Heh, I mostly study infront of my com.
    Music plays, MSN buzy... close monitor if I want. :)
    My style~~ :D