14 June 2005

Predator Absolute?!?!?

Recently I discovered the new Adidas Predator Absolute thru football forums.

Too bad no clearer pics by now. I personally dont really like it's design, I prefer Predator Mania(2002) or Predator Pulse(2004) series.
Anyway, I think P. Absolute is a retro version of P. Accelerator(1998)

Adidas Predator series

Predator Accelerator (1998)

Predator Precision (2000)

Predator Mania (2002)

Predator Pulse (2004)

Sorry but I cant resist blog about this... my hobby. (>___<)

It seems that Adidas usually will launch new boots every 2 year, to met the requirement for players to prepare for big games, 'coz mostly every 2 year there'll be big football events, like World Cup 2002 Japan & Korea, EURO 2004, & World Cup 2006 Germany.


  1. I can confirm that these do, infact exist. I work at a retail store that sells these adidas products, and these are in the 2006 Manufacturer catalog.

  2. I see.

    Hey do you mind provide me some in depth info about these new boots? I'm really a big fan of football/soccer boots!! :D

  3. I don't have much information on them, but what I do have is rather interesting. There will be the pulse weighted technology from the Pulse shoes. This time there will be a removable sockliner so that by changing it out, you can alter how the shoe feels much like the current F50. It is being advertised as the lightest yet in this line of boots. I'll see what else I can dig up for you.

  4. man, those boots look amazing, ive owned and wore every predator that has come out, but without a doubt my favorite pair was the mania. im really looking forward to owning a pair of the absolutes, and i was wondering when the launch date might be so i can be ready?!?

  5. i heard something about December, but i want to make sure so i know that i will be ready, and maybe reserve a pair

  6. According to a source... these are the release date of Predator Absolute.

    White/Yellow 15/12/05
    Black/Red 12/01/06
    Maroon (Beckham Model) 12/01/06
    Blue/White 15/03/06

  7. you're mising out loads of other predator boots there, the original predators, then the ones between the accelrators and precions the carnivore and others

  8. Oh is it? But I didnt heard of Carnivore.
    The first few batch of Predators is so hard for me to get the pics u know, because their names are too simple to be found.

  9. btw hueva sed dat the soles where like the current f50+ they are rong they are really different there is a gold solw which adds 40 gramms extra weight and a black 1 which is super light. the is a divvet at the sole of the boot and on boot of the soles they stick ou to fit the divvet jus go on www.prodirectsoccer.co.uk n order a magazine or just look at the pics i think there really nice n they best preds where the manias i especiallylike the special edition all blue n white ones made 4 japan in the 2002 w.c

  10. i peronally like the marron ones.

    i dont know about the whitye and gold...

  11. Well I didnt know there's a special edition of Mania produced for WC 02? Heh, Mania is the first boot I started to notice in the Predator series.

    I dun like the yellow/white default colorway, I like the black/red, which is Predator series' default color, simply the best. ;)

  12. All these posts are old, but in searching for some pics of newer colors I have seen players wearing, I came across this blog and thought I would add that the absolutes are my favorite predators yet, although I beleive the best looking were the Champions League edition of the precisions. I have seen a blue version of the absolutes with red predator thingies on the instep, but havent seen them for sale anywhere but once on ebay maybe, and havent seen the white/blue either. Anyways, they fit wonderfully and are very lightweight, yet are about $200.