13 June 2005

Back to reality?

Luckily I manage to get a good sleep ystrdy night. I usually had a hard time to sleep when the next day is a big day. I keep thinking lots of stuff 'til late night and havent sleep. But luckily ystrdy I manage to fall asleep around 12.30am(?)..... 'coz I'm on my bed since 11.45pm. :S

This morning is not that hard for me to get up. Everything seems fine for me. I'm looking foward to meet with friends in school.

Today's assembly are also the launching of our school Key Club's charity bazaar, even invited Key Club's advisor(I think so) to give a speech, which us students dont really had mood to bother it.
And also, this week our school will be helding volley ball competition zone MSSKL. Tuesday 'til Friday, PJK periods are canceled. Oh well.... tomorrow gonna stay in class listen to more Morthy's X-rated jokes again.....

Today first paper I get was my Bio paper. Too bad I did badly in the paper II(structure) part, but thanks to my paper I & paper III, I manage to get a good mark.... :)

I'd my chinese paper back, too. Manage to get B or something, at least I think this is a good sign. I remember in PMR standard, I sometimes get C, didnt even get A before in school. :(

Today's EST class were canceled, Santhi didnt show up in school. Good for me, 'coz I'm having a bad stomach-ache at that time, due to hunger.
Later back to PP room, Mun Hoe finally tells me the password of the com, YAY!!
Of course, I'll use it for good news. I'll only probably add in few mp3s, 'coz I like work while listening to mp3.

Tuition was ok today, not much to talk about.... I still dont like the method of the Bio teacher teaching. I dont like him 'coz he didnt explain much things that I wanted to know, and cover up the notes TOO FAST. I dont like it after all, I still prefer Mr Goh's good'o method of teaching.

My sis is asking me try to make up wireless online at home. I know nothing about it, I think I'll goto the TMnet service center nearby my house to ask about it. Just hope I can get a good answer about the wireless service.

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