14 June 2005

Lovable Times

Today started my work for PP's tabloid, called 《桥》. Since I'm the editor of the tabloid, so I decided to write something. Heh, I'm planning to write article about the net, including blog. :D

Sigh... today was dissapointed with my Add Math result..... Sux..... Arghh.... although I didnt fail, but still I'm in critical zone. :(

Due to volley ball competition, this week I dont have PJK period. :(

After having my lunch, I head to library with Huey Jiun to discuss about the tabloid stuff. I've asked Sun Hua to join us but he didnt show up in library as we promised.
HAM was in the library too, and we join in with his table. He looks quiet lately, didnt saw him showing up in PP room quite some time alrdy.
Since HAM was our senior, so we consult him for his suggestions.
Later then our discussion were join in by Ing too, but not for long, since we're almost done discussing.

I was having a great time, manage to talk to both girls, and I'm not very shy as I am last time. Now I felt more comfortable when talking to them, not so scare anymore. :)
With helps from many friends, I believe the tabloid will be a good one this year!! ;)


  1. add maths was my fav subject in skool...

  2. Nightmare for me.... :(

    But I'll try to cope it ASAP.