15 June 2005

Hypnotizing Aura

Hmmm.... let's see.... nothing really special happend today in school. Plain day, with a little excitment.

We're back on tract copying M.Math's note by Pn Che Anun..... get used to her funny slang of talking by now. But still gonna thank her and myself, if it isnt her notes, I dunno how to survive my M.Math paper in the last exam. Thanks myself, for willing to study M.Math, 'coz before this I dont really care about M.Math, in the end failed my first ever monthly test. :(

Mdm Santhi absent again.... 2 periods of Eng class I skipped by doing something in SRM room.

Later after recess, from 10.15am - 12pm there's no class at all. Dunno where's the BM teacher Ahamd Sukri go.... early in the morning still saw him chatting with other teachers, now he's gone..... to nowhere.
So then, I'd my time to talk to friends in class, and having a good time playing Scrabble too.
Today the school is giving out *ahem*"blue packets"*ahem* for girls. Ming Hong is making noise again, by teasing the girls. Even says: "Wah.... ** you need so many this ar? One per month enough alrdy!! Hahaha!!"

Last 2 period, 'old' Chem teacher walk in. She's giving us back our Chem paper. Sigh.... if there's no error in my marking, I might be able to get A, but for now my result is B. :(
I expect I'll get better marks in both Chem & Bio, well eventually what I get is only B. :(

Dunno why.... today I felt so tired. I've been sleeping in clas about 30 mins. I slept quite well ystrdy night, but still feeling sleepy.
Then when reach home, after settle down everything, I slept..... 4pm - 7pm.... 3 hours.... Zzz......ZZZZZZZZ*snore*ZZZZZZZZZZZZZz.......


  1. Those blue packets.


    Don't look at me!

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