28 June 2005

Minority Report

Today was suppose to be a half day in school. We're only having the first 4 periods before recess, and after recess parents are coming to school to collection their children's report book from form teachers.
My parents arent available, and my teacher doesnt allow my sis to take it for me on behalf my parents, so.... I've totally nothing to do other than the Add Math period.

Before 2 periods of Add Math I'd BM and Eng. Both teachers arent teaching. Ms Phoon the Add Math teacher would not let us down with lessons, thought for 2 period full time.

Some workers are coming to our school to fix our school's pipe. Since it's also affected our PP room, so we had to make a room for the workers to work. I've been asked to help to move objects obstructing the pipe-line. Yucks..... that was one of the ugliest place I can found in school, ironically its actually a place I usually hang out.
Most PP members might notice, our room is smelly... that smell..... that could even make ppl "stop-breathing"(forgot what it's called.).
Past AJKs left many junks behind PP room, caused today's mess. There's lots of mouse' shits, cockroach...... lots of mess...
I help them a while, then get my ass back into my class 'coz I really cant stand anymore the smell!! (>___<)
The job to clean up the rest of the mess is passed to the new "internal & external affair" group leader, Yong Shiung to clear it off.

About Qiao update.... today I only check afew pages from Huey Jiun. The rest of time is either she busy, or I busy, making me no chance to re-check.

My sis fetch me back about 10.30am. Entrance of school was jammed by parents' cars. Luckily there are KRS members directing the traffic, else it'll get from bad to WORSE!
Sis bought my lunch, and then went to find places to buy fresh santan. She's planning to make bubur caca to give neighbours.

I online after reaching home. Planning to take a nap in the afternoon but was attracted to the ARMAGEDDON DVD my sis get for me. It's a classic, though it's actually an old film, a 1998 film. I think that's better than THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!

That's the report for today... teacher demand my parents get my report book once they're back from Eu tour... DUH!!!

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