27 June 2005

Fuck off bzy day!

Arghh... morning PP room was flooded with juniors asking for signatures. Today reach school a little late, lots of things to do. I sign for some of them, and get myself out of the mess after that. I like this kind of stuff going on, but too bad it's happening at the very wrong time for me. I've lots of things need to cover, esp the "Qiao".

Morning's assembly shows 2 clubs' performance, Chinese Society's Drama Group & Gutiar Club. Both are having their own show very soon.
I was called to finish up the "Qiao" before the assembly is over.
The main prob is we need to find someone to print out files, 15 pages of content. I rushed from 9am to 1pm just to complete it.

Thx to many ppl's help, esp HAM, who're willing to help us to find a printer at school to print. I try asked principal, but he's giving LAME excuses not allow us to print. It's ok if he reject my request, but he's giving a STUPID reason saying school dont have PRINTER at all!! Oh come'on.... the principal must be having his eyes on his butt. There's PRINTERS in our school, but students arent allow to use it. Stpid!!!!

Skipped lots of lessons, but I still manage to attend important one like Add Math & Sej.

I was really hungry, I havent eat anything since 6.15am my breakfast. Luckily Santhi allow us to go back a little earlier.... I then finally had a chance to enjoy a meal. :)

Later walk to Suria with 3 friends. During Bio lesson I was asleep for the 50% of the time. I was too tired, 'coz I'd been running all over te school many times. (X__X)
Darn it!! I hope I could try to learn Bio myself.....
Physic class was quite nice.... no further comments about it.
Jian Shern says I joining in Photography Club is no prob, but Mun Hoe reminds me to concentrate in "Qiao", as I'm the editor.

Went the mamak again.... ordered maggi goreng and nescafe... RM 4.80. The mee is the best I ate, better than 2 other mamaks I went recently, BRJ & the mamak below Cyber Time @ Prima Setapak.

Once my father came back from his Eu tour, I gonna learn many things from him about being an editor. Hmm.....

Curtain Falls - Blue.


  1. ohh boys..Becareful of ur health and studies. Really busy with Qiao. Din eat anythign since morning, run here and there..

    I'm sure Qiao will be the best. Can I have a copy of it?

  2. man~! juniors asked signature from u? wah.. wat happened? so popular dee?

  3. Bugz,
    Heh dont worry, I know how to take care of myself!! ;)

    You know.... orientation things in our Chong Hwa is about getting signatures from seniors.... and now I'm their senior. :P
    They'll suffer if they didnt had all senior's signature, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. heh? so its compulsory for juniors to get every senior's signature?

    aiyer..... clf = devil indeed..... -.-"

  5. SiaXY,

    I'm lenient this this time.... really. Last year I was badly fooled by past seniors.... -____-"
    Now they just need to get me their paper and a pen, and I'll sign for them. ;)
    Now I no longer want to be a devil anymore..... Rhapsody sounds better. :P