26 June 2005

Busy weekend!

I regretted, I should've fully use Sat to do my homeworks, but I spent most of the time infront of com playing. :(
Since my sis is back, some of my daily routine changed, I've to let her use Internet line afternoon(my house is having some prob to fix up shared connection.). I used the afternoon playing The Sims 2. Sigh....

Evening, my relative called, ask us out for dinner. What a co-incidence, few momments ago my sis is asking me what we want to have for dinner, heh the prob solved just after that.
We went to the Pizza Hut near our house to meet with them. Funny... Friday I just ate Shakeys' Pizza, and now I'm eating Pizza Hut. :D
I think that Shakeys' Pizza taste better than Pizza Hut. Shakey's Pizza taste original, just nice. Pizza Hut's good in their marketting strategy by making lots of new pizzas. I really recommand ppl to go for Shakey's Pizza instead of Pizza Hut. :P

When I reach home, I planned to do homework. But before that I check out my mails and blogs. In the end when I want to start do homework, KY called, ask me online play RO. I then stupidly on RO, 'til 2.30am. @___@


Today(Sunday) morning wake up bout 9.40am. Prepares myself ready to Chin Wei's house to finish the last part of "Qiao".
Arrive at his house about 10.20am. I'm the first. Since I'm not sure what to do, so I play awhile with GTA: Vice City.
1pm, Huey Jiun & Hui Chi arrived. Later Sun Hua join in.
We mainly need to get the text into the format we wanted, and also type out few unfinish typed articles.
HAM came along with Ing and Yan Teng later. CW's room was crowded and noisy. I really cant stand those ppl behaving no manners at all, I felt sorry for CW. (>__<)
They shout, play, scream like they're in their own house. It's ok if CW's parents are now around, but the fact that CW's parents are in the living room, enjoying their peaceful Sunday. Sigh.... sorry for them, we ruined their relax time.

4pm, had lunch with them. Thx to Huey Jiun & Hui Chi willing to help us buy our lunch. After that continue work.

After long rushing, finally we came out with something, but incomplete. Before HJ went home, she ordered us our duties, need to complete every article by tomorrow....

Oh well.... this is really a bzy week. I regret I didnt fully used Saturday. :(

P/S: Parents called, they're still in Paris, and they're taking photo below The Eiffel Tower. (>__<)


  1. Nvm, enjoy first, die later.

  2. yes..agree with kiasi. Enjoy 1st la..

    wah..this is going like kiasi blog lo..teamwork(1) and (2)..i tot ur meeting start at 10am but, u go there at 10:20am(okla late 20minits)..but then read on, realize that ur fren arrive around 1pm.. haiizzz..no wonder cant finish ur "Qiao" on time lo..

  3. Enjoy?!?!? -_____-"
    I've nothing to enjoy....

    I'm not really enjoying leh.... I cant stand my friends making all those noise. But still wanna thank them 'coz if without them, the Qiao wont be done.