29 June 2005

Bitchin' business

Morning nothing much happend. Really. These few days reach school later than normal days I goto school. Luckily I'm not late.

Right now, Group Leaders(Ketua Kumpulan) are busy with their own group's things going on. Other than that, juniors are busy getting signatures from seniors.

Today ChinWei & HJ them handed the preview of "Qiao " to our advisory teacher Hiew. They're doing that without me, so I'm not so sure about what's happend. According to both of them, Hiew has a bad-ass attitude of a bitch. She keeps on asking them let the afternoon session teacher to check, but the fact is she knows that teacher is currently away for 1 week, it's impossible if we handed the preview to that teacher. She's pushing the responsibility of herself to another teacher, whom we dunno who's she actually.('coz she's absent in last week's annual meeting.) I dunno what's wrong with Hiew's prob.... but she seems not willing to check our work........ DUH!!

Every lesson I'd today are going smooth. I could digest mostly everything, including Add Math.
Pn Noor Hayati had announce we're having PEKA for chem this Friday. AiKz.... 2 PEKAs clashed together, Phyz & Chem. :S

Sigh.... I really hope that bitchin' teacher advisor of PP, Hiew could make up her mind, dont act like an ASS!!! It's fine if she wants to resign being the teacher advisor of PP, we need some other more understanding teacher to replace her!!!!

P/S: Parents called. They're heading to Stuttgart, Germany. They're going to visit the Mercedes Benz factory!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! (>____<)!!!!!!!!!!!


You Gotta Be - Des'ree.

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