06 June 2005

Mid Valley Nanyang Bookfair

Today morning I've went to Mid Valley with my parents to attend the bookfair organized by Nanyang.

Mid Valley is among the best shopping complex I'd ever been in Malaysia. Waaaaaaaaaay better than Time Square!!

I like it b'coz it's spacious, and it's loaded with lots of things that interest me, such as music shop(still hunting those CDs I want) and also my fav sports equipment brand shop(Adidas & Nike).
Bad luck for me today, hunted no CDs after walking afew shops. Saw a the football boots(Predator Pulse Devil Red & F50 I really wanted with discount but was rejected by my mother saying that I've alot of shoes alrdy. :(

I happend visited Apple Center there. Those Macs looks so damn cool!! But darn it's costly!!! A high end mac G4 laptop cost RM10k++!!!!
I noticed there's ads for iPod series, but there's only display model only, and the price is not listed(maybe I didnt check clearly).
One thing I'll like to ask about Mac computers, they say Mac coms' graphic is usually better than Windows-based com, but I noticed some Macs' wallpaper were badly displayed. The wallpaper quality sux.... I dunnno what's going wrong but it doesnt look good. :
But after all, I've manage to get afew nice books. I've chosen books about world history, science, general knowledges....etc. Although I didnt count the price, but my father says it's expensive.


Dato' Ong telling stories from jail. The one in red is my father.
05 June 05 - Mid Valley Bookfair 017

Rhapsody Valley, I like the name!! :)
Rhapsody Valley

I didnt had enough sleep lately, so I'm having head-ache. Arghh.... tomorrow cannot wake up too late 'coz got tuition! :(

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