05 June 2005

Playful evening

Went to my maternal uncle's house in Subang Jaya, to meet up with another maternal uncle who're currently having vacation in KL.
It's fun to meet with my cousins again, after we last met during Chinese New Year.

I'd a great time playing with my cousins. It's good to have a big grassy yard in my uncle's house, I'm playing football with my cousins. Played untill I sweat so much.
Many says that I'm like just came out from shower 'coz my sweat keeps on dropping. Heh.... it's been a long time I didnt play as "childish" like this. :)

With cousins
Game start!

Tomorrow morning going to Mid Vally for the bookfair organized by Nanyang. I'm looking foward to the bookfair, I'm thinking to get mysoelf some nice books t read. ;)

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