02 June 2005

Journey to Madagascar.

I continue my movie-spree from ystrdy's Star Wars.
This time, I watch Madagascar.
Actually we planned to watch Seed of Chucky, but then they changed their mind in the end.

I took LRT to Tmn Melati station to catch up with my friends(Huey Jiun, Fei Wen, Chin Wei, Sun Hua & Pei Khen). I waited them for about 20 mins.... before we can proceed to KLCC.

Chin Wei & Pei Khen decided to watch Star Wars, so those 2 went for Star Wars. I'm having great time with Sun Hua, Fei Wen & Huey Jiun. .

Madagascar the cartoon was quite ok, but the storyline is a little crappy I thinkz.... bad ending. I like the humour in the movie, esp those penguins!
Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly.

The movie was short, 90 mins only.

After we've finish our movie, we sit around in food court waiting for the other 2 finish their Star Wars.
We sit down and chat about the movie. Fei Wen says I laugh like a sozai today. I also dunno why, but I behave weirdly when watching the movie. :S

We actually planned to take our dinner there, but then not many of them are willing to eat 'coz it's quite late alrdy that time. Later we went to Kinokuniya, Chin Wei wanted to buy another series of Dan Brown, Angels and Demons. Too bad that book is out of stock, so he bought another one, Deception Point.

Personally, it was a great time to be with them. I'd some topics to talk to Huey Jiun, though she's still close to Sun Hua. I'm trying not to think negative between both of them. I know they're just friends, and I dont want to ruin my friendship with them.

Anyway gotta thanks Huey Jiun for giving me 2 CDs her bro burnt with goodies I want. :P

Canon in D - Pachebel.

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