03 June 2005

Enjoyful day

Today I'd tuition again.... and I went there earlier hours before.
I went to Sun Hua's house to "mess up" his com, whiel helping him install afew precautious programs.

Later I went to the mamak I & the gang usually hang out to get my lunch. Their maggi goreng is the best in my opinion!! :)

When tuition ends, we had our light meal at the same mamak again.
After we'd finish, we waited for KY's mother to fetch us. Time passed... but his mother havent show up yet. KY called back home, and he's shocked and "WTF'd" 'coz her mother pick up the phone, and says forgot to fetch us lol.
So then, we head back to the mamak again to had another round of drink lolz.

Though it's a little late when I'm back home, but I dont mind.... right now is holiday. :)

I planned to play O2 Jam again, borrowed Yee Kai's bro old account. Wee~~ :D

Currently I'm passing Amadeus & Electro Fantasy NX4.... I prefer play classical songs to other songs in O2 Jam. Hmm... just hope I can improve ASAP!! :D


  1. yo..the mamak sure vy like u all la..super top fans for the mamak...3times a day :D

  2. Not really top fans. :P

    But just another place for us to hang out. :D