04 June 2005

Glass break


Today Huey Jiun onlined, chat with her something about Sun Hua. She's acting weirdly when I talk more about Sun Hua, so I decided to test her what's really going on between both of them.

As what I heard the rumour from other friends, Huey Jiun secretly like Sun Hua. I asked her, and she replied is uncertain.

She say though both of them have good feeling with each others, but says Sun Hua's unreliable.

After then, Sun Hua onlined. I setup a chatroom for 3 of us chat. Then I secretly msg Sun Hua ask what's in his mind. He didnt give me a clear reply but.... I've guessed.

[EDITED upon HJ's request]

I'm not sure wheter both of them are serious or what.... but if they're really up to something else..... I'll just watch apart and give some comments. I do not want to ruin their plan..... though now I've no mood wanted to pwn Sun Hua on the net.....

The truth is still unclear, but I believe it'll be revealed the sooner the later.


Ths pic below was actually a cropped version of the screenshot I took in our chatroom.
You can see a green leaves and a horse, and my own display pic too(WTF! pic below). That just explains what's my mood. Gee.... that "WTF!" pic never been so useful before! XD

Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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