31 May 2005

Back, I Am!!

Yay!! Now I can online at home as usual now!! :D

This morning's dental was going well, not as "scary" as I thought.

Reached KLCC quite early today, before 10am. Most shops are still sleeping DUH.... No choice but wondering around untill the shops are open.
Kinda dissapointed... Tower Records dont have the CD I want, and Adidas shop is closed. Nike shop's football gear display doesnt satisfy me.

When KY, Gerard and Lee CM arrived, we hang out at shoplets first before entering the cinema.
Eating inside cinema was fun esp with friends. I've bought a pop corn to share with them, and Lee CM bought Cheezals. I'm also having my light lunch, KFC Zinger burger + cheese potato wedges which I've bought earlier. :P

2nd times watching Star Wars.... but still it's a nice movie. Now I started to felt the ending of the movie is out of logic.... and those "bosses" died so easily.... not syok enough...
Ending.... arghh.... just know Anakin become Vader, and Luke & Leia were seperated and then THE END.... WTF?!?!?

After the movie we went back to Wangsa Maju. The rest wanted to play DoTA. Before that we eat at the "famous" BRJ mamak.
I ordered maggi goreng, but it came out an overcook(烧焦). I hate to eat overcooked food, so I demand a replacement. Sigh... the replacement dishes was just same... but the burnt smell is still there. I'd to eat it... that waiter who serve our table hardly can understand what I said..... mainly he's not a local ppl....

I walk back to my home from there, not so far away.
I phoned the com shop. They say I can pick up com today. I was delighted. :D

So then I'm back here.... blogging as usual... one of my daily routine. Heh....

Tomorrow going to watch "Seed of Chucky" with another gang. Quite late 'coz the movie starts 5.30pm.


  1. yeah..CLF is back in action again..good to c u back again..but y it takes so long to fix it??

  2. The shop says need to wait for the power supply they ordered. :S
    So take more time.....