30 May 2005


29 May 05, Sunday. 12.35am

After I'd my lunch today, I walk to Kok Yi's house to online. As usual the journey took me 25 mins to his house with my leg.

Heh, thx to KY, I've manage to charge up my mp3 player, process photos and also blogging. :)

But then I spent most of the time playing O2 Jam.
I'm addicted to NX mode "Fiesta" and "Electro Fantasy".

Later I'd a dinner at my father's friend house in Cheras.


The title of this blog post actually is related to my current situation. "先苦后甜" in chinese means, "suffer/endure/work hard first, then enjoy later." My case is....

  • Com sent to be fixed. I'd to suffer living without computer for some time, but when it's back I can enjoy a better performance com. :)

  • Tuesday morning I got to goto dental checkup. Arghh.... I hate the dentist, but anyway after the dental checkup I'll be joining KY and Gerard in KLCC for movie. Star Wars again... hehe. :P

    Then Wednesday, I'll be watching another movie, "Seed of Chucky" with Huey Jiun them.
    If I'm lucky, I might get myself Maksim's DVD, and maybe Yanni's "Tribute" DVD, which both I wanted so long alrdy!!
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