10 June 2005

Holiday is almost over....

Darn it..... ystrdy mid-night there are some brainless morons shouting and talking loudly at the field behind my house. My room was facing to the field, and they're very noisy. Before this they're having some sort of party there, even lit up fireworks(CNY that type, mostly cost hundreads to thousands). Leaving a whole piece of crap at the field.
Those basturds drive their motor to the field, making more noise. I'm almost asleep that time, suddently some sort of "Harley Davidson" exhaust pipe sound..... makes me even more WTF!!!
I tried to cover those noise by raise my radio's volume, but that's just no match for those idiots' noise.... :(

Morning woke up aroudn 9am, have to follow father do some banking business. I created a new bank account for myself, after my childhood bank account was terminated for no reason.

Later after having my lunch, I walk to Desa Setapak to replace my faulty FIFA 2005 CD. Later then caught on a bus to Jln Genting Klang. I walk to Cyber Time, as I know my friends are playing inside there at the momment.
After watch them play for awhile, I walk to tuition.

When I back home, I tried to install FIFA 2005. Once gain it dissapoints me.
Later at night my father was going out, and he fetch me to Desa Setapak to replace the game, but still it's not working. :(

Sigh.... 2 weeks of holiday seems to be long, but it's almost over. Today is Thursday, only 4 more days to Monday..... going to be bzy with lots of works again. :(

* Well I wont need to be so sad. Later when my sis are back from China, they'll sure bring those CDs I ordered(though need to pay them back....), then I can enjoy a little more..... :)

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  1. Interesting blog. Thank you.

    The best to you.

    Terry Finley