12 June 2005

Meaningless Holiday

Sigh.... in about 30 hours time, I'll be back to school..... marks THE END OF MID-TERM HOLIDAY. When I think about it, I felt my holiday was meaningless....

First few days hang out with my friedns doesnt really meant anything for me.... just another usual hang out in shopping complex. Might be one or two events which changed my mind happend, but that's nothing for me.

I'd conflict between friendship and love. Yet, things goes on as I couldnt change it anymore(or maybe in the future), I accept it as fate.

Things I planned to do earlier didnt even succeed. I planned to do revision, yet I only touch new chapters for few subjects. I didnt practise Add Math as what I want to do. I know I can improve it by doing lots of practise yet I refuse to do it. Why? Mainly is because the "magnetize" of computer. Dunno why I can stick on it for a very very long time without even getting bored. Weird.... but online too much without doing/learning anything is somehow meaningless, too.

I didnt surf websites related to my studies lately, no mood at all. Internet is actually a nice place for me to learn something, but too bad I couldnt really benefit from it totally.

I'm very sure that I'll be getting busier than ever with the start of the new semester. I heard there's projects coming up for us F4. Hmmm...... I really had to control myself dont be "sucked" by the computer's "magnetize". Hopefully things will settle down fast and easy for me, as I dont wish to encounter any probs and troubles....

That's all for now.

1 comment:

  1. haha..hloiday is meaningless?? who say so. At least, u rest ur "brain" abit ma..then wen semester start again, ur brain will b dam fresh. easy to absorb thing ma..

    about doing revision: that 1 i duno wat to say lo..coz evybody aso like dat la..holiday where got do revision geh except those book -worm la..

    surf website but not realted to study..then where u surf to?

    anywan, Happy shool reopen day :)