09 June 2005

Friendship or Love?

Lately, I've been thinking, wheter my thoughts on the 2 girls, Ing & Huey Jiun is based on friendship or love.

Though I sometimes do imagine how's my life if I were with one of them, but I keep on reminding myself that for now we're only friends, nothing to bother about couples.
Ing advised me this before, but I just couldnt make up my mind.

Sadly, both girls are having their time with their own partners....
Ing had HAM, HJ had SH, and myself I've been left to be the middle person among them.
Those 2 guys that's competing with me are actually friends, and both of them hold the position of PP's vice-chairperson(HAM is senior, and SH is the current). :(

I think they(the girls) knew that I'm trying to get after them, but they just kept quiet. Perhaps they didnt pay attention on me 'coz I'm not those who always talk. They're doing well with other ppl though.

I regret that I didnt do what my primary school's headmistress told me to improve, that is my social skill. I tend to get stuck in the middle of conversation back in my childhood. I dunno what's the cause.... I guess it's caused by my self-centered mind when I was a n00b(kid). Now I think I've been better, but not as good as other's social skill like Chin Wei or Sun Hua's.

I asked both the girls wheter they're up to something with their partner. They admit that they're having some sort of affair with those 2 guys I mentioned above.
I felt dissapointed, but I'm glad that they didnt hide anything from me. They're telling me the truth.
Truth hurts, that's for sure.

After the series of "rejection" by the 2 girls, I'm still happy that we're still friends, and I think our friendship might improve a little.(talk about Sims style!) At least now we'd nothing to hide from each other..... so that makes me felt better. :)

P/S: It's been awhile I didnt play with hidden pic trick, I'll try it again then


  1. yo boy~ u've grown up a lot ;) i wonder when did our headmistress say that to u~?

    mm hm~ stay cool n rmb friendship remains ~ it's always good to find that you are not alone ;)

  2. Sure I will!!! I'll treasure our friendship. :)

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  4. wah..got 2 gals at da same time?! dat tamak meh...

    hhmm..truth is sad and disappointed, but think of the good side.

    Sometimes, fren is better than couple. Anything, fren will tellu but wen its couple, he/she will try to hide frm u..

    If u r with either 1 of the gal, u only hv 1 person beside u..but now u hv 2(gal and her partner) :)

  5. Bugz:

    Haha.... dunno is b'coz lately I watch too many 韦小宝(Wai Siu Pou) series lol...