09 June 2005

Having fun at Club

Before that, I'll make it clear.... it's not "those" kind of club, it's just a recreation club somewhere near my house. It's been awhile I didnt go there, and ystrdy night KY called me to go there with other friends today morning.

Morning I was call up by my mom @ 7am.... but I get myself fresh very soon after I'd morning shower. Waited for KY fetch..... waited 'til about 8am then I'm off to club.

Too bad Yee Kai couldnt join us today... only me, KY, Tuan Kee and Ken Jon going. We met with some of Ken Jon's ex-schoolmate at club, they're playing basketball there. Later than we join in the game, and play a 3 on 4 match.
B'coz our team are n00bs, so we trashed by the 3 man team. Wow.... those 3 guys are really great!!
I noticed that my shot accuracy sux.... always hit the ring but didnt score. :( But then I also noticed that my rebound and defending skill not that bad either. Perhaps is b'coz I'm defending type player?

I played futsal with KY, KJ and TK later.... after rest from basketball. Although we played only awhile, but I kinda enjoy it.

Then later TK and KY went for swim. Waited them about 30 mins + 15 mins before they finish their "pool business", another 15 mins is the time they used to wash themselves in the washroom.

Later we'd taxi to Desa Setapak. I've bought my lunch there, and also FIFA 2005. I walk back to my house, took me 20 mins.

Sigh.... FIFA 2005 cannot be installed. Tomorrow I'd to ask for a replacement. :(

Had a long nap evening, leaving my com on to run Kazaa.

Later at night while I was playing Sims 2, Ing online, at last, after 36 days she didnt online lol.
I'd a great time to chat with her, I wont felt awkward this time. :)

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