08 June 2005

Flickr Schwag 1.0, baby!

One of the most often requested Flickr features is schwag. We're pleased announce the arrival of Flickr Schwag 1.0. These three buttons and two stickers can by yours by sending a Self Addressed Envelope* to:

P.O.Box 3816
Sunnyvale, CA 94088

We need to decorate our walls, so if you want to include a photo or postcard of your home town, we'd be thrilled.

* Don't worry about stamps, we'll take care of the postage (US + International)

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I'm planning to send a mail to request for these babies soon!! :D
Looks nice..... and it's free!!(exclude the postage fee to send the envelope there.)

[UPDATE: 9th June 05]

Tomorrow my mother will help me post the request letter. I've put in one the pic from my photo collection. I just hope I could get those cool stuff. (>___<)

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