25 June 2005

Annual Gathering

This morning is hard for me to wake up. 2 days didnt had enough rest. Felt sleepy the whole day.
Could not really sleep 'coz want mantain a good image for teachers. Tried to control myself not to fall asleep.

I came out from class at the last 2 period. Skipped Ms Nee's Phyz class. Head to SRM room to ease off myself. Was planning to check out few more graphic CDs but was interrupted when 2 STYs join in from the nxt class. I cant ask them out, 'coz they're too SRM members.
2 lessons wasted inside SRM room listening songs and try out PhotoShop tricks.

Today PP's having annual meeting at Form 6 classrooms. I went there straight away after I put my beg. Help then arrange the tables and chairs, then waited for the meeting begins.
I noticed girls outnumber boys and more afternoon session members attend more than morning session members. Something's not going right, this is not the "population" of our society. Mun Hoe wasnt quite happy with this.

The whole meeting goes badly I guess.... not well planned at all. The whole meeting was bring up by Mun Hoe and Sun Hua only. They took the discipline prob seriously, a good sign. They announced the group leader, and I'm one of them listed. Not much suprise for me, as I knew it alrdy. Actually that was just a post of editor.... nothing so special at all though.

Lastly before the meeting ends, Mun Hoe is giving us everyone a paper of orientation stuff, get signature from new AJKs. Heh.... this time it sounds fun, I remember things happend last year when I'm still a newbie in the society. Begged for signatures dreadfully. Now I can sign for others!!! :D
* Can get closer to some SYTs.... hehehe. :P

After school, sis fetch me back. I havent eat lunch yet, so she drive to Jusco to eat lunch. On the way, we stop by a service shop to fix the car's faulty air-cond. It's just too hot!! It's pain in arse having a faulty air-cond in a super-hot day.
The mechanic took 1.5 hours repair the air-cond stuff, we could only stand aside watch him do his job.
In the end my sis dont have enough money to pay for the bill, RM 280(!). She drive to a nearby bank to draw money to pay back. Phew.... then only we'd our lunch at Jusco' Shakeys' Pizza.

It was about 4pm we order our lunch. All the food taste so good!!! Esp when you're xtremely hungry at that time. (>___<)

Back home, sis gave me all the CDs she brought for me. Yay!! Lots of Yanni collections!! XD
I'll show you all pics of those goodies soon!! For now I need a good night sleep. ;)

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