25 June 2005

Honoury + Tired Day

That night before, I'd a bad sleep at night. I wake up few times around 3am++. Sleep for about 3 more hours then wake up.
Since today YeeKai's not going to school, so I'd to goto school by myself. But thanks to my father's friend who're willing to fetch me to school, I reach there as usual. :)

I brought my digi cam to school, to capture photos from the Majlis Perlantikan. I was suppose to be sitting with my classmates in a line to watch the ceremony, but I'm off to my "silent-killer" business again. I wont miss something a chance to get pic of something big happen in school!! :P

There were 3 societies' ceremony today. First is PP, followed by Lembaga Pengerusi, and lasty the librarian(Pusat Sumber).

Since PP only have 7 ppl marching, so the rest of the backstage was packed with society/club's chairperson/presidents. I know many of them, so it's easier for me to mess with them. XD


Well.... I dont really had the mood take pic of PP's marching. Dunno why.... I felt better talk to friends at back stage. But still, capture few pics of them to keep their complain, by saying didnt help them take pics lar.... bla bla bla....

Next was Lembaga Pengerusi marching out. This time I only had the mood to take photo. Here's one of the pics I taken....
Lembaga Pengerusi

It's going well as planned. After that followed by Librarian's marching. Heh, lots of SYTs in the Librarian. Such an eye-candy. @__@

Now then, everything is settled. Class were heading back to class. Mun Hoe is having a meeting at the grassfield with his Lembaga Pengerusi gang. I'm neither a chairperson nor president, I'm only a leecher over there. But I dont felt ashame 'coz first I know most of them, and second I actually can be one of them if I really want, but just I decieve my own ability.


I felt very tired after I went back to class. I only realized that I consume too much enrgy to take pics until I forgot myself was actually tired at the beginning.
Wanted to sleep but dare not do so in class.

Phyz period Ms Nee is giving us notes for Phyz PEKA, an experimental test for us. I decide to type the report in computer, just like what I did for my Bio PEKA months ago.

Bio lesson is boring this time. Nothing special or interesting at all.... nutrition chapter...... Zzzz......

Huey Jiun and Ing asked me to discuss the tabloid "Qiao" with them, we discussed until 1.30pm and then we only left afew majors parts left to be discussed. Hmm.... feeling much much more better when discussing with both of them. No longer had the barrier between 3 of us then. :D

Tuition was always be another source of amusement for me, thx to afew "clowns" in the class.
Tuition - AddMath

After tuition had a light meal at the usual mamak. Ah.... what a relief.... a refreshment after a loooooooong and bzy day.....

Play with com 'til 12am, then preparing to sleep. Sis came back from airport around 1.30am. I was disturb from my sleep. Cant get another good rest!! :(


  1. do you mind if i shoot you?
    - if you really interest on taking photo.. just join persatuan phtography and get permit for "ponteng class" lar..
    - don't always skip class to SRM lar.. nanti SRM room been stole by Pn. Soong then you know.. whereas, you will lose something( in your acabemy-fizik )
    - If you want to know who am i.. ask Lam Toh Wai.. because is he write one ( that's me )

  2. Hahaha.... I'll look after ur words Toh Wai, thx for reminding me. :P

    Well actually many times before I goto SRM room, I'll tell teacher first, including Ms Nee.

    I doubt now if I join photography club is late or not, but I can ask Eric.

  3. erm.. sure not late de lar.. i also join science club,christian fellowership, and UBS this year lar.. late is nothing one.. at least you enjoy it.. but if you think you join this kind of society is just for the post/power.. sure you will think that it is late..

  4. hhmm..but i dun really agree wit it la..wat is the purpose to join photography club since CLF can 'ponteng' aso w/o being a member.

    2nd, like to take photo does not need to join club ma..

    the only part i agree is, bcareful wit ur academic..alwiz skip class is dangerous..

  5. I didnt ponteng, I just walk around awhile I was suppose to sit down during the assembly, that's all.
    If some event is going on when I'm having lesson, I'll propably stay in class(unless that teacher's lousy one).

    I try not to skip classes, unless I'm desperate.