05 May 2005

Tweaking this blog.

I'm trying to reduce the loading speed of this blog lately, by removing some fancy add-ons I've put up.

And yes, I'm stupid to make such a stupid banner here, but I just like it. :D

After my exam(which ended on 20th May), I'll setup a new "Lite" version of this blog.
I'll remove most of the fancy add-ons and links in there.
I'll still blog in this one, but I'll also post the same thing in the other Lite blog, whcih will include links instead of direct linking stuff, or imaging.... etc. That'll be a simple blog, a "clone" of my current blog.

I decide to do this to ease off 56k ppl who're reading my blog.

Everything will be done after I'm done with my exam. :)


  1. Just give 56k users your blog rss or atom feed.


  2. Atom/RSS feeds definitely is a good idea, but not everyone on the net knows it.

    Maybe I'll work out in both method...

  3. one thing you should know, don't ever follow what I do.....my sidebar is FULL of buttons and links.