06 May 2005

The last day to enjoy

Exam begins next week........... dreadful. I've no mood to study, but I had to study.... for the sake of my result. :(

Today's weather was terrible. I could only see rays of sunlight afternoon, but the sunlight is weak, even weaker than daily's 8am sunshine.

I sneak out from my class at the last 2 periods, for fixing SRM room's computer with Shyan Jian and Yong Fei. We eventually fix it after afew tries. The poor replaced floopy drive were "disected" by us... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Heh, Shyan Jian knows more about hardware than anyone of us.

I played ping-pong and football today. I'm happy 'coz I'd a great game.

My "screw-ball" in ping pong is my deadliest weapon, but pros can take it without having much prob. I like to see my opponent rush to the other side while I'm screwing the ball to the opposite side, makes him need to move to the other side quickly, and yea.... some still manage to hit the ball back to the table.

Nowdays I'm playing football with junior n00bs. Those will eventually rush to get the ball in a pack, making mess around. I'm a smart player, I'm in my postition and I'll only strike when the timing is good. As a big boy, of course I won them in 1on1 situation, but I'm surely lose when the kids rush towards me in a big gang. Too bad today I didnt score due to their burst'd football. :
I'm gonna spend this weekend study..... gonna try to get something to "de-glue" myself infront of com. :(

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