05 May 2005

Interest or importance?

I was thinking, wheter I should really concentrate in those 4 Science stream subjects(Chem, Bio, Phyz & AddMath), or only concentrate in those subjects I'm interest.

I'm doing well with Chem and Bio in those 4 subjects, but dealing with the figures and formulas in Phyz and AddMath arent my fav cookie.
Although I like Math, but I dont like to count the figures. I only like to know how things work and explaination of them, instead of solving the figures.

I think I'll can score better in Chem and Bio IF I really decide wanted to give up those 2 subjects, but somehow I know AddMath is very important.

Since I've missed afew early class of Phyz few months ago, my Phyz doesnt seem to be improving. Ms Nee is still young, she doesnt know how to really explain things for me to understand, and her hand-writting can be compared to ghost' writting. (-____-")
Phyz teacher in tuition, Fakaruddin..... at least thought me something I missed in school, but that's still not enough of it. I'm very very bad in Phyz. :(
Suprisingly, I passed my Phyz test on March's test.

AddMath.... I should blame myself for slacking off my effort to work it up. Many had told me this is a hard subject, and I could only improve it by doing lots of exercise.
Like what I mentioned before, I like Math but I hate calculating. So that's the reason why I'm not good in it.

Well I know how could I improve in both subjects, but I'm just too lazy to work on it. I dunno wheter is this a good choice, for giving up Phyz and Add Math? Of course.... I'm not giving it up totally, I just less concentrate on those, and put in much effort in Chem and Bio.

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  1. well, many people score well in all science subjects despite lack of interest. Study more doesn't harm.

    Don't give yourself backdoor or excuse to escape or being lazy. You can still "study" the subjects your don't like, example, moral, history...

    Ahem, it's your life, do whatever u want and take responsible for it, drops everything and go art stream oso can.

  2. cool...man..
    now i only know one subject...call kimia..you are better than me many many...at least you are good in kimia and bio..i only kimia..

    fizik i what also don't know..so..i think..i will fail..cool...first year i fail^^

  3. Squall:
    I'll try to make things happen with ur advice, thx.

    Toh Wai:
    Woi, this isnt something you should be proud and happy about, sozai.... (-___-")