05 May 2005

Aftermath of the PP election

The new trios of PP(Mun Hoe, Sun Hua & Kian Meng) are holding an interview for those who're interested to become new group leaders(ketua kumpulan). I dont need to join this 'coz I'd my postition alrdy, as the editor of PP's own tabloid.

I felt much more comfortable and getting things working easier compare to previous AJKs. Now I'm working with my friends, and we're doing works together very well. I think our cooperation were better than previous AJKs.

Right now only the trios are doing their work, and I dont seem the other 4 AJKs working, or maybe they're working behind the scene, who knows?

I'm not regret I lost in the election, but I'm feeling good right now. I'd more time to concentrate in my studies, and also helping PP to serve the school, but I no longer need to help 'em as much as what I've done last year and the beginning of this year.

I prefer to work without any title. I rather be a person who're influenting the AJK's decision, and I dont really like working under the spotlight of everyone.

The trios promised to bring something new and fresh for PP, hopefully they manage to work it out ASAP!! :D


  1. Ya, this year's AJKT and AJK are easier to be communicated with! Of course they will do their best, but, the main factors are more the teachers whom does not give enough cooperation to sastify our needs.

  2. Hell'ya.... the previous AJKs are also complain that our teacher-advisor is a moron.... lol... Well I think she's ok, but they say Pn. Cheah WM was better, and this I agrees.
    Pn Cheah will be more open-minded, and not like Ms Hiew and Mr Chan, so conservative....