05 May 2005

A perfect day or......?

Everything seems fine for me today, except afew uncommon error of myself.

I noticed I didnt bring my "important" pen today. I'm not sure where I left it, or lost it anywhere, but I didnt care much about it since I'd another pen to use and that pen doesnt belongs to myself.(It's important for me 'coz it's the only pen I'll use to jot down important notes in my notepad, and it's not b'coz someone speacial gave me that.)

Had a few tips from teachers for nxt week's exam. I doubt I'll had enough time study all..... 'coz I'm stucked infront of com completely.... :(

Working on SRM's computer today. Found out the com crashed after I run PhotoShop for a momment. Reported this to JoShua, but I hardly think he could solve it, 'coz he's not a com freak like us. :(

After tuition, had a break with the gang(Kok Yi, Yee Kai, Tuan Kee). Later when I'm back home I played ping-pong with my neighbour.
I doesnt seem like scare of the exam.... hmm....

P/S: Congrats to Chin Wei and his Red Cresent Society members who'd won KL's marching formation competition, 3rd place. :)

Welcome Mr Hwang - Ragnarok Online.

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