16 May 2005

Sweetener in my mind 4

Around 7.15pm HJ rang me. She says she'll return my Maksim's CD tomorrow morning, as what she promised.
She also ask me for tomorrow's EST and BM tips. I tell everything I know, left nothing else in the pocket.

I ask her stop peeking in exams. She says she's been trying to stop, but another friend Yan Kher "uses" her as a middle person to ask for the others' answer.
She says some teachers know that alrdy, but kept silent.
I tell her stop it immediately, or she might be suffering from the punishment of peeking in exam.

It's a nice chat, lasted for 15 mins. Perhaps I should ask her out this holiday? :P

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  1. Peek during examination? I look down upon those.

    Should i say her idiot? smart? He uses her and she thinks she is glad to be used?

    A girl i know since primary three, turned into one worst enemy of pride.

    I admit I am damn sick of those people peeking infront and beside me. They are pathetic, they gave me the feel of pathetic. I just want to shift my seat into a little more peace location, could I?

  2. NSDS3:
    Heh thanks pal. :P

    Chin Wei:
    I agree with you there. I still remember when I saw my classmates peeking during F2. Oh it just sux...

    Sure I'll give her lecture myself. I dont want her get caught b'coz of peeking in exam. I'll try my best to "repair" her... hehe.