17 May 2005

Exam Day 6, 16 May 05

Moral paper was the most WTF paper I ever had for my year's exam. We learn totally nothing from it. It's a stupid subject.... really. As we'd understand everything it's thought, and yet those questions are foolish enough to be exam'd.
We need to give the exact answer based on the text/notes given by teacher. Teacher wont accept our own answer, eventhough it does make sense and logical answer.
They're forcing us to accept their theories and dennied our own thoughts. We need to memorize every meanings and definitions of the text. It's about 30+ of them, each need to memorize about 2 sentences. Sigh...

Anyway, today's Moral paper was a tough one. I thought there'll be objective questions for me to choose like what I did from F1 - F3. I was shocked when I saw the questions. 10 full pages of questions waiting me to answer in 2.5 hour. :S
Oh fuck.... my mind is blur when I'm doing the exam. Probably too nervous, makes me cant really remember those definitions I memorized.
I spent last 10 mins finish off my essay. Arghh.... I dont want to fail this time, else Mdm Tan will sure kill me. :(

Second paper of today was Chinese paper II. Compare to Moral, this is easier, but still this paper is a tough one.
We no longer need to write caligraphy for SPM(thankfully, else hand gets dirty cannot wash). But SPM needs to write alot.
I dont mind memorizing the 名句精华 stuff, 'coz it's more interesting than those "moron"(moral) values...
Just hope teacher can accept my answer.... or when I get back my paper I'll try to argue with teacher if I didnt get a satisfying mark.


Ystrdy night I didnt sleep well 'coz I sleep at 1am. I watch football ystrdy night.
Today I planned to sleep after I'm done with Moral, but darn the moral paper took me 2.5 hour FULL!! No time to sleep, and the sleep bug is gone at that time.

I still got half hour to go when I finished my chinese paper. Finally can get a nice rest. Interrupted by teacher few times, but I'm still able to sleep.
I woke up when teacher is collecting the paper. My leg felt numb 'coz my sleeping position is awkward. But my leg recovers very soon. :)

Walked to tuition today with Sun Hua. I went there earlier 'coz I wanna complete my Chem h'work there before teacher discuss.
As usual, tuition does provide some laughter for everyone.

I slept awhile at Fakaruddin's Phyz class. I woke up when he's talking to an important point which I havent revise. Before we left, Fakaruddin gave us some breifly tips for Add Math. Aikz... tomorrow I'd to study for Add Math.... else I'm doomed!!! :(

I'd maggi goreng as my "half-dinner" after tuition. So today I had my dinner quite late, I'm stuffed. Sometimes I'd dinner quite late too.

I think tomorrow will be better than today. But who knows? Everything might happen everyday, without our expectations. :\


  1. oohh..ya..i agree wit u. i think all student that takes moral paper la..1 of my best tips for all of u is : memorize all those 'nilai-nilai and sub nilai)..wen enter da hall, jus write it down b4 doing anything else..

    during answering da ques, jus put all those thing back inside..u dun care its relevant or not..jus let the teacher 'delete' those unrelated nilai-nilai..actualli the teachers is looking at the nilai in ur answer..explaination is jus nonsense to them..

    u can ask ur teacher on the 'Truthness' of this..

    anyway, good luck for the other paper..

  2. Haha... thx anyawy.
    It'll be better if you tell me earlier. :P