17 May 2005

Exam Day 7, 17 May 05

EST paper.... lol... piece of cake, though afew tricky questions. 1 hour, I used 10 mins finish it, and then sleep for the rest of 50 mins lol.

B.Melayu paper II is a tricky one too. I rushed for the last questions in the last few minutes. Hand-ache in the end 'coz need to rush man things. :(

Tomorrowi'll be dooms day.... Add Math... :(
I hope I wont fail lar.. (>__<)


This morning HJ passed back my Maksim CDs. I ask her to stop doing that in exam. She smiles and then went off.
So then my classmates decided to had Mun Ning's party @ Sunway this Saturday. I dunno wheter they'll change the plan though.

Today Lower 6's orientation day. Met afew seniors. Nothing much to say 'coz exam I dont have the mood. :(

Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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