29 May 2005

Joy of getting busy

25 May 05, Wednesday. 10.00pm.

I'm feeling ok with myself today. I skipped Eng lesson to do something regarding SRM with Yong Fei and Shyan Jian.
We spent the first half of school inside SRM room listening music while discussing graphic stuff.

Mun Hoe is under big preassure this time. He'd to finish lots of things for tomorrow's Teachers' Day celebration. I offered him some help to deal with some other PP members, letting him concentrate on his own business.

Although I'm busy, but I'm happy with it. At least I wont felt left out and I'm able to contribute a little. :)

Ms Lee was absent again, so today's Geo class was called off.

I havent send my com to the shop 'coz my father had no time to fetch me to the com shop with 2 CPUs. I'm able to go there myself if it's just 1 CPU. :(

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