29 May 2005

Truely WTF!!

24 May 05, Tuesday. 8.35pm.

After 3 days of break today I'm back to school. Last weekend was fun for me. Can eat, ssssssssssssssplay, sleep..... etc. :D

Morning spent some time helping my friend in SRM room. Not bad though, since I can enjoy music & help my friend. :)

ssAfter recess I continue helping my friend in SRM room. I went back to class awhile to check out what's going on.
I discovered they'd return back the computer paper.
I was shocked..... 46/50.... WTF?!?!?!?!
I thought I could get 100%, but duh...... hope is useless 'coz now I cant change anything.s
Some teases me for the result..... FINE!!! I'll let you ppl laugh. You might know how to do it on paper, but you ppl cant win me if it comes to practical.
I bet not many from my class can compete with me, other than Toh Wai, was what I know by now.

In history period, Chandran asked me to help him calculate my class' history paper. Thx to my classmates, I manage to settle everything fast.
Chandran tell us 4S1 did very badly in their paper. Even worse than 4E5. :S
I eventually get my first A1, for scoring 85% sharp for my paper. YAY!!

After school I head to PP room as usual. I noticed there's a new rack for us to put our bags. It's good for everyone, at least now the shool is keeping their promise. :)

I boot up my com as usual as I reach home.
Just about 30 mins I run the com, it shuts down itself without giving me any clue what's going on.
Other hardwares are oks, just the CPU itself could not being boot up again after I tried for few times.

Bad luck for me, another com's system is corrupted, I havent get it fix. Oh great..... I've 2 useless com in my house. :(

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