20 May 2005

The Finale, Exam Day 10, 20 May 05

The only subject for today is Chem, one of my fav subject.
The questions was craze, many the questions are really out of my expectations. I've bump into quite some tricky questions, and I'd to "shoot" afew answers at the very last minute.

Luckily, writting part is not so hard. We need to draw some diagram of the electron thingy, I've done everything well.
The next essay part was a tricky one too. The main question are trap for those who didnt read the question well.
It says, "Q1 or Q2 choose either one. Q3 is mandatory". But some ppl thought, "3 questions, choose 2 to write". So some missed the Q3, which is worth 20 marks.


Ystrdy night I actually planned to study Chem 100%. But I can resist the evil computer..... <__<"
I'm studying Chem on the net, while chatting with others.
In the end today's situation doesnt look good for me. I'll know how to answer afew Qs if I'd revise that part.... sigh.

Everyone in the class looks extremely happy after the teacher'd collected our paper.
I felt relief, everything is done. Now what I need to do is ENJOY!! :D

Played ping pong awhile, then off to join juniors play football. Lucky me scored 1 goal. :P

Tomorrow I'll be going to Time Square to celebrate with my classmates. I should bring my cam back to action as I've long time didnt take any photo alrdy.

You Make Me Wanna - Blue.

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