19 May 2005

Exam Day 9, 19 May 05

I didnt study for PJK test at all. Spent the time before the test revise Phyz.

PJK test for me is just like a general knowledge paper, though they'll still ask moronic questions.
The heart diagram printed badly. The arrow shows unclear image, so I dunno the arrow are pointing to which part. I did badly for that section after I checked my friend's textbook(I dont have, so I dont read.).
Morthy came into my class to inspect us(he's busy-body, that time is not his period). I've managed to ask him the hockey stick questions before he left. That was one of the most foolish exam question I ever had.

Phyz paper was tougher than I expect. Although I'd revise earlier, but I dont understand many questions. Ah Nee(my Phyz teacher) add in quite afew Add Math questions inside. Reminds me of my terror again.
Lots of questions I simply shoot.... too bad the questions are mainly subjective.... so I write crap in the paper sheet.
I wonders I'll pass or fail? Phyz is another bumper subject for me. :(


My mother this morning tells me that this weekend I might be going to Kuantan with my father for some business.
At first I'm not please to hear that, 'coz I'm planning to goto my friend's party this Saturday. Well since my mother convinced me, so I'd to obey her.

Squall's sis handed me a big Star Wars poster today. I like it. :D Darth Vader looks so cool!! :D

These few days I skipped my daily menu in canteen during recess. Instead, I've bought "lo mai kai" (糯米鸡/nasi pulut ayam) and bring back to my class eat while study. Saved lots of time, but we can only do that during exam. :P

Today I changed my lunch menu. I walk to Suria(my tuition centre) earlier. Planning to had a quick lunch and then study Chem before the tuition starts.
I went to the mamak store where I and my gangs usually hang out.
Later join in by my friends.

I felt a little guilty when face Fakaruddin. He's a good teacher, very soft and polite... but I'm bad in the 2 subjects he thought me, Add Math and Phyz. He looks dissapointed today, though he still continue teaching as usual.

In the middle of the class, we're interrupted by Mr Goh. He inform us today we'd a new Chem teacher. We're all suprise. We're "delighted" when Mr Goh say is a "she", with 25 yrs of teaching Chem experience.

We cant stop laugh when saw this teacher at first. I know it's rude to laugh at others, but watching others laugh so badly, I also cannot resist myself burst into laughter.
Since we're having Chem tomorrow, so she straight away skip intro part and teach us.

I can see the result of her teaching experience for 25 yrs. Funny thing is, whenever we asked her about something off topic, she'll tell us to refer to which chapter we're yet to study.
She doesnt like us to interrupt her when she's teaching. But she teaches quite well, I like her teaching method.

Tomorrow 1 paper left.... Chem. I'm quite confident with this subject, though I'm unlikely to get A for it.

And..... some darkside happens at S5.... sigh..... hope they wont repeat it again, else everyone sure DIE!!

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