12 May 2005

Exam Day 4, 12 May 05

P/S: Happy birthday to my 2nd sis CLH!! :D

Today we only had 1 paper, that is Modern Math.
For the first half this morning I stayed at my class doing revision with my classmates. Rumour about the Math questions spreaded in my class. Everyone is concentrating in PMR standard(F1 - F3). Dunno why teachers will give PMR questions more than current F4 questions. :S

The M.Math paper is easy, I can do up to 85% of it, though there's few questions I dont have any idea 'bout it. It's much easier than my expectations. :D

Tomorrow having Computer theory exam. Kekekeke.... Science class need to prepare for that subject only, while Econ and Art class are taking Chinese Literature and Commerce.

Overall Computer wouldnt be a prob for me. I've learn many things thru the net and BLOGGING! :D


Having bad time at tuition today. Scored badly in Add Math practise.... Fakaruddin's questions are kinda confusing, though I know how it works. Like what he said, we need to do more excercise to improve, and not by looking and didnt do any practices. Arghh.... Add Math..... throat-axed!!

Our parents are busy today, no one fetch us back home. After had a light meal with the gang(Kok Yi, Yee Kai, Tuan Kee), we walk to a nearby(near? 1 KM away leh!) bus stop to get a taxi.
Ka-ching'ed RM 6+ for the fare. Fair enough, 'coz Kok Yi's mother fetch us so many times, now it's our time to pay back.

KY stayed at my house awhile, and I tought him some basics.
I'm willing to help those who needs tips for tomorrow's computer exam, as I've written a short note for others to refer.

Today my eyes are flashing when I'm looking at the monitor. I'm getting dizzy and flashy when I look on the monitor. I doubt I'm going to make a specs soon. :S
Sometimes I'd this prob when I'm tired and not enough rest. I think I should be ok after I'd enough rest. :)

Nightingale - Yanni.

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