13 May 2005

Exam Day 5, 13 May 05

First half we Science class dont have any exam, while Art class and Econ class are having Commerce and Chinese Literature exam. So, Science class technically can say we're free.

Many looks nervous for the computer test. Heh, dunno why. :P
I've sneaked into Chin Wei's class S5 to make a fool around.
Many know I'm good in com, so they came to ask me. Hahahaha~~ *proud*

Our exam last for 1 hour only. I've finish it within 15 mins. :D
I've the confident to score 100% for com!! :D


Too bad today ping-pong room was closed due to exam. I asked Keat Xiung to open but he refused. DUH.... some says he's having a date today, so he dont want open the room let us play. Care for relationship and dont care for club lar? HUH!!!

Since there's no ping pong for me, so I went to behind to play football with juniors.
Quite nice game, went pretty well even though I didnt score.

Hohohoho.... next week gonna be the REAL CHALLENGE for the exam. This week's subject was just appetizer before the main course.
After next Friday I'll had party with my friend. But then followed by my monthly dental appointment at 31 May.... DAMN I HATE IT!! (>___<)

Toccata and Fugue - Maksim.

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