17 April 2005

What song represents which friend of mine.

This is a silly thing I've think of lately, but I somehow like this idea.
I compare my friends to those songs I listen.

This is my list for now... only close friends of mine could be represented in my opinion.

"Croatian Rhapsody", Maksim - Wai Ing
"Nightingale", Yanni - Huey Jiun

For now, two girls had earn the place of those 2 songs, which are my all-time-fav.
There's stil afew songs I like can be done with something like this....

"StarFull", Civilization III - Chin Wei
"Kolibre", Maksim - Sara Lai

Music stream of:
Croatian Rhapsody

I havent added ppl in the rest of my fav songs, example:
"Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"(this stream is Maksim's version, not the original from R.Sakamoto).
Not many of my friends could be represented with the songs I like.... yet :S

This is something silly, but dunno why I do enjoy do this kind of weird stuff. :S

P/S: Credits to Amazon.com, and ClifferMusic.com for those music streams.

Croatian Rhapsody - Maksim.

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