17 April 2005

The "virtual" RM 110

This morning I went to SRJK (C) Phuay Chai with my relatives in PJ to recieve my "奖励金" for my PMR result, given out by the TeoChew Association Selangor/KL(Wa si teo chew nang.:D)
As usual like past years, I'm waiting in the hall and listen to those "heads" speech.
This year I was accompany by my schoolmate, Chia May. She's just sitting beside me. :P

I've got a RM 90 cheque(PMR), and RM 20 Popular Bookstore voucher(PMR Chinese A) as the prize. My father will help me get the RM 90 I thinkz.

I didnt follow my relatives to another relatives' house. I know if I follow them, I'll only be back home by evening. Waste of time. :
Tomorrow's going back to school.... well somehow I took this positively. I might have more chance to talk to her now. :D

Nightingale - Yanni.

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