18 April 2005

Tough decision

Today they announce PP's interview result today. I dont bother it too much, 'coz I know I'll be selected. :D

Assembly started off with a sarjan from local fire station department came to give some speech about ermegency situation. We'd "fire-alert practise" today, too. I didnt really bother the whole assembly 'coz I'm not feeling well 'coz ystrdy I didnt sleep well. @__@

9am, the fire-alert practise begins. 2 periods of Bio class skipped.
After every students gather at the field, the firemen started to demonstrate how to put out a fire during ermegency.
Soon after that those firemen demonstrated "ab-sailing"(dunno is spell in this or what). I signed up to try this stunnig act, but I didnt attend if due to the meeting for PP.

As what I expected, I've been chosen as one of the 8 contestants for the chairman post. I dunno why ChinWei says he's rulling out from the election. He says it's due personal reasons. Oh well... he didnt tell me what is it after all. :The current AJKs inform us that we'll need to cancel any other club/society's AJK post, in order to compete for the chairman post of PP. So now I planned to drop Geo Club's treasurer post, and I think Ms Lee can understand this, though I havent inform her yet. :Sun Hua is having a major prob to decide. In order to compete for the PP chairman post, he'll need to give up his Drum Major post in school band. Sun Hua's doing good with this, and I doubt they can replace him so easily. He havent consult Ms Lee though... and it's hard for me, since I've chosen Sun Hua as my partner in the election campaign.

Our 1st campaign will begin in this Friday, and then next Monday, and the last day, which is the election day, will be on next Thursday. Now I'd to rush everything, banner...... pamplets...... plans...... etc. Gonna finish all those by next Monday. :(

My party members:

CLF(myself) - chairman
C.SunHua - chairman
C.MeiGie - treasurer
Y.YuenShi - treasurer
Y.SookFei - secretary

I should stop here, 'coz I still need to complete many things right now. @__@
Might blog something else once I'm free again. :(

七里香 - Jay Chou.

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