14 April 2005

More than 12 hours I'm wearing my school uniform.

Since I cannot think of something special for the title, so I decide to use this silly name.

First of all, I'll like to congratulate our school's PBSM marching team, whom won the marching competition today. At least ChongHwa had something to be happy about, since the rest of our uniform group lost in their competition. :(

Today was an entertaining day for me, though there's some unpleasent momment for myself.

I had a great time joking with my fellow classmates during free periods, where few teachers were absent. I laugh at their jokes, untill drop of tears, and stomach-ache.
I do enjoy laugh 'til stomach-ache sometimes, it's so fun! :D

I'm back to SRM work after I had my lunch. I installed Picasa in SRM room, for us to edit and organize pics easier.
After few momments I run the prog, the com appears the infamous "BSOD". I restart the com and uninstall Picasa straight away.
When I wanted to reinstall the com, it appears another BSOD. I was panic, so I ask help from ChinWei. Too bad he isnt free that time 'coz he's about to be in PP interview.
Luckily I solved the prob after afew restarts. Phew~ :)

I'd a greater laughter in tuition. They're making fool of the teacher, and I was really LMAO.
Good thing about tuition is, we enjoys some laughter while learning together. :D

My parents fetch me after tuition, we went to Carrefour to shop for something.
There's a 2nd-hand notebook selling going on in Carrefour. My father are interested with those notebooks, though he still need me to consult him with those notebooks. The notebooks looks ok for me, but those models are not the latest one out there.
I got my ADSL microfilter there for RM25, to replace my faulty ADSL microfilter comes with Streamyx few years ago.
I was dissapointed with something, Carrefour didnt sell "The Phantom of The Opera" VCD yet. I expect it'll be out there alrdy, since it's nearly half year the movie on air.

We bought our dinner at NZ Curry House, and I get myself nasi briyani + kurma chicken drumstick. Mmm.... was a great dinner though. :D

Tempest - O2 Jam.

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