13 April 2005

Interview is no prob for me. :D

Today, I've spent 2 periods copying literature notes non-stop. Santhi decide to speed up our literature 'coz we havent do anything yet. Used 4 pages to copy down all the notes.... -_____-"

BM teacher absent again, spent some most of the free time talking with my felow group friends.

The temporary chem teacher ask for our cooperation for the next class, 'coz her lecturer is inspecting her teaching today.

The chem experiment went quite well. Natrium(Sodium), Litium and Kalium(Potassium) added into a basin of water, watch the reaction. Wow... that's so damn cool!! :D
After the experiment we spent the rest of time listening to what the teacher says... 'til 1pm.

Today's interview for election candidates planned to start at 1.30pm. Delayed awhile though. I was thinking I can get the interview fast and then rush to SRM room do something else.
Waited untill 2pm++ then I only can go in.

I wasnt afraid of the interview like my other friends. I just threat this like a serious talk with friends, when they ask some serious questions.
I think I did quite well this time, and I dunno how's with my other friends. Hope those havent went to the interview good luck tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.
I do hope working with those who really can take the job in the future. :D

Rise (Leave Me Alone) - Safri Duo & Clark Anderson.

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