12 April 2005

Another day life in school....

Today's assembly was a long one, it took us 1 hour untill we can go back to our class. The reason why assembly took a long time is b'coz they're giving out the prizes for our school's sports day event.
Ms Lee didnt come to school today, so no announcement about Saturday's band competition. I think she'll somehow make announcement about it if she's there. This time I predicted something wrong. :
Spent the first 15 mins of my PJK period just to find someone who're in charge of the Quater Master store. I yell out WTF when I heard all the key holders of the room was absent today. Luckily, En. Sulhan still have one key with him. Though it's late for few mins, but I still enjoy the whole period.
Nobody plays football with me. I train alone at the field, then practise dribbling and ball control in students' activity centre.
Fool around with my friends with football, then PJK teacher Mr Morthy ask me to join football club. I decline, 'coz I play football as a leisure, I dont wanna represent the school.

History teacher Chandran let us 75% of his class free after giving our homeworks. Having a great time chat with fellow friends in my group.

After having my lunch, I went to SRM room to sort out the graphic materials. YongFei and ChinWei join me later. I noticed SRM room's com starting to become unstable, hopefully we could backup all the datas, before it's too late.

I went to canteen to find omeone, and I wasnt really happy when I saw Ing and HAM are eating together in canteen. After HJ told me, I started to felt jealous towards HAM. I ignore them and continue my work in SRM room.

Ing and HAM were both in PP room after I've done my SRM things, and ready to leave. I dare not mess up both of them there. Just let both of them talk while I'm preparing to leave.
After that I walk back with CW to took bus back home. On the way we takled something now we always talk about.... girls.......

Death Moon - O2 Jam.