11 April 2005

Phone line prob + MSN Messenger 7

Getting annoyed with the troubled phone line recently, had to fix it manually, and it always make me disconnected. Sigh.... I doubt is the ADSL splitter's prob. I'm was thinking where can I get a new one, hmm.....

Anyway, I've installed MSN 7 today. It's better than the BETA. I had a bad experience using the MSN 7 BETA awhile ago, but this official release version has improved.

Luckily this MSN 7 are compatible with Messenger Plus! add-on, though some plugins might not work properly.
It still saves my old settings, so I dont need to waste my time reset everything again.

This improved version is very nice though, for those havent try it, you can dwnld it here.

Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini - Maksim.

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