15 April 2005

Camera entertainment.

Ystrdy I've get the permission from Pn Soong to bring camera to school, and today I've caught lots of cool and funny photos. :D

I've been fooling around with my cam since early in the morning. Capture pics of my classmates non-stop, as well as some friends from PP in PP room. XD
The PP trio.
The boys in class
Huey Jiun_1

I've recorded the chem experiment we're doing today, in the end I regret 'coz the experiment wasnt really that interesting though. :(
Doing experiment
pH 2 Acid

*Snap snap snap*
The funny couple
Francyne and Janice
Friday's game
Keat Xiung

Some photos when my class is in Physic class in lab.
Physic lab
Form 4 Physic textbook
Physic experiment

I rush to the chinese debate competition ground soon after the bell rang. I'm in charge of counting the time with HueyJiun and HuiChi.

HJ is the mistress(should it be like this or master?) of the ceremony, but she's too nervous and she cant talk properly. I'd suffer from similiar nervous breakdown before too, but now I'm able to cope it. ChinWei join in the team soon after.
In the end, I've messed up with my job. I rang the bell too early, and I've made both HueyJiun and ChinWei confuse. Sorry people! (^__^")

After I had my lunch, I work out in SRM room again, like few days ago. I add in afew MP3 collection of mine, and installed the latest verison of Picasa. So far, so good, Picasa didnt cause BSOD anymore. Thankfully. (^__^)
I've also saved photos from our school's recent actvities to help other SRM teams, esp the "ChongHwa Movement" team, since they complain they're lack of photohgraph meterials.

I finished my work sometime around 3.30pm, waited for my friend Sam walk together to the bus stop.
Darn it..... it rains heavily just after a few steps out of the school. We ran and get shelter from a nearby flat, chatted with him for some time 'til the rain stops, sometime around 4pm.
Nice chat, though the rain was a "WTF" fact.

Tomorrow I'd tuition at 9.30am, quite early, 'til 12pm. After that I might join my fellow friends YeeKai and KokYi to cc-mania. I'm going to play O2 Jam there. First time pay in a cc.... wahahahaha..... another record breaker. XD
*Note: I strongly not recommand my friends play in cc at the first place, but now I'm joining them.... hahahaha..... :P

Hope you readers will enjoy this photo blog. :D

Spring Symphony - Kevin.o2SE, O2 Jam.


  1. wah! Acid's!

    don't play play with them....very teh dangerous... ehhehehehehe ;)

  2. The acid hidrochloric was stated 'cair', not 'pekat'. So, not dangerous wan.

  3. Haha.... I didnt notice that, 'coz 'til now we havent get any chance to try those yet. :P

    Mango, u sure it's not dangerous? Fine then, I'm gonna try to spray it to my classmates and see the effect.